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Invest Today.  Save Tomorrow.  

Benefits of Insulation

Saves Money

Personnel Protection

Process Improvement

Improved Conditions

Installs in Minutes 

Benefits of ERS Wrap™ Blanket Insulation

Unlimited Applications

Installs in Minutes 

Installed by Anyone

Removeable and Reusable

Unlimited Applications = ERS Wrap™ industrial blanket insulation can be used to insulate almost all hot mechanical parts including:  flanges, valves, hoses, in-line pipes, pumps, strainers, blind flanges, manway covers & more.  Give us your biggest mess, we'll give you a solution!

Installs in Minutes = Traditional insulating materials are time consuming to install.  Our blanket insulation can be installed in minutes because it is fabricated to size.  Our wrap is fastened by velcro and/or using simple cable ties.  It's that easy!

Installs by Anyone = If you can operate cable ties and scissors, you're qualified to install our ERS Wrap™ blanket insulation.   Most of our customers who purchase our blanket insulation use their own personnel to install making it super cost effective!

Removable and Reusable = Have maintenance?  No problem!  Our blanket insulation has can be removed and reused as often as needed.  

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