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Benefits of Insulation

Saves Money

Personnel Protection

Process Improvement

Improved Conditions

Installs in Minutes 

Benefits of ERS Wrap™ Blanket Insulation

Unlimited Applications

Installs in Minutes 

Installed by Anyone

Removeable and Reusable

Unlimited Applications = ERS Wrap™ industrial blanket insulation can be used to insulate almost all hot mechanical parts including:  flanges, valves, hoses, in-line pipes, pumps, strainers, blind flanges, manway covers & more.  Give us your biggest mess, we'll give you a solution!

Installs in Minutes = Traditional insulating materials are time consuming to install.  Our blanket insulation can be installed in minutes because it is fabricated to size.  Our wrap is fastened by velcro and/or using simple cable ties.  It's that easy!

Installs by Anyone = If you can operate cable ties and scissors, you're qualified to install our ERS Wrap blanket insulation.   Most of our customers who purchase our blanket insulation use their own personnel to install making it super cost effective!

Removable and Reusable = Have maintenance?  No problem!  Our blanket insulation has can be removed and reused as often as needed.  

Insulation Benefits Q&A

Will I save money from insulating?

Yes!!! The most convincing reason for insulating your plant is reduced energy costs, and the financial savings associated with insulating hot mechanical parts.​

How long will it take to recover my investment in insulation?

Generally, you will recover your cost in one production season.

What hot mechanical components should be insulated?

ALL OF THEM! Not some, not most, but ALL of your hot components.

What are reasons to insulate my

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Why should I insulate my hot mechanical parts?

We've come up with our list of even more reasons to insulate your facility. 1. Payback period is generally less than one year 2. Excellent long-term return on insulation investment 3. Reduces consumption of fuel 4. Prevents personal injury resulting from contact with heated surfaces 5. Reduces ambient temperature 6. Improves process control 7. Reduces workload on pumps and heating equipment 8. Improves plant efficiency 9. Reduces emissions 10. Improves valve operation

Does insulating with ERS Wrap™ blanket insulation have the same benefits as traditional insulating materials?

Yes! Whether you insulate with traditional insulating materials or ERS Wrap™, you will get great benefits. Just do something! Leaving your hot components uninsulated is like leaving the windows open in January. Close the window. Cover the pipe. Get the benefit.​

Are there additional benefits specific to ERS Wrap™? ​

Yes! Often times, traditional insulating materials are not well suited for many hot mechanical components like valves, flanges, hoses, pumps, strainers, manway covers, in-line pipe with narrow clearance and more. What happens? Insulators often skip these hot items. ERS Wrap™ is so versatile and flexible, it can literally be used to insulate almost anything. Don't know what to do? Wrap it! The best part is anyone who can operate scissors and zip ties is qualified to "install" ERS Wrap™. If you're not sold yet, you can remove and reuse our blanket insulation covers! If you need to remove aluminum or PVC insulation jackets, that's the end for those guys. You'll have to rebuy and reinstall. ERS Wrap™ is installed using velcro and/or cable ties. Need to perform maintenance? No problem. We've got you covered. ERS Wrap™ blanket insulation can be removed and reinstalled in a matter of minutes.

What types of facilities can benefit from ERS Wrap™?

ANY facility that has hot processes. Some examples are: 1. Asphalt Plants 2. Nuclear Plants 3. Chemical Plants 4. Utility Companies 5. Paper/Pulp Mills 6. Refineries 7. Food Processors

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