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Insulation Blankets for Hot Mix Asphalt Plants

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

ERS Insulation for Hot mix Asphalt plants
ERS Insulation for Hot mix Asphalt plants

Hot Mix Asphalt plants operate at high temperatures and require frequent maintenance, making removable insulation blankets an ideal solution for insulating pipes, valves, and other equipment. These blankets, also known as removable insulation covers, are made from fiberglass and can be easily removed and reattached as needed.

Removable Insulation Blankets

ERS Removable insulation Blankets
ERS Removable insulation Blankets

One of the main benefits of using removable insulation blankets in a hot mix asphalt plant is energy savings. By reducing heat loss or gain, insulation blankets can help to maintain a more consistent temperature within the plant's systems, leading to more efficient operation and lower energy costs. They can also help to reduce noise and vibration, improving the overall work environment.

Removable blankets are generally used on the hard to insulate components that often do not get insulated by earlier insulation contractors or by plant personnel. These hard to insulate components are generally called valves, flanges, pumps, basket strainers, filters, hot oil transfer hoses, bundled pipe, traced pipe, pipes with close clearance, etc. Additionally, pipe insulation may become damaged, smashed or gets removed and not replaced. ERS Insulation has Valve and Flange Covers, Hose and Pipe Rolls, Covers for Pumps Strainers Blind Flange Insulation and even Blanket Insulation for Irregular components.

The best thing to do is send us a picture of your "mess" and we'll make recommendations. The more you're able to measure, the better we can assist you. If you can't really measure, no problem. We can send you a combination of industrial insulation blanket covers and rolls to get you started!

When selecting removable insulation blankets for an asphalt plant, it is important to consider the type of insulation material, the size and shape of the equipment to be insulated, the temperature range of the application, the level of insulation required, and the environmental conditions in which the blankets will be used.

Fiberglass Insulation is Best Choice

ERS Fiberglass Insulation
ERS Fiberglass Insulation

ERS Fiberglass Insulation Temperature
ERS Fiberglass Insulation Temperature

Fiberglass insulation is the best choice for asphalt plants due to its lightweight, flexible, and easy-to-work-with properties. ERS Insulation offers fiberglass insulation products.

Fiberglass insulation blankets are relatively inexpensive and have a good balance of thermal performance and durability. Foam insulation is another option, known for its excellent insulating properties and ability to withstand high temperatures. However, it is less durable than fiberglass and can degrade over time, especially when exposed to UV radiation or extreme temperatures. Ceramic fiber insulation is a high temperature resistant option, but it is more expensive and brittle, making it prone to breaking or cracking.

Risk of Not Insulating

Not insulating these components in an asphalt plant will result in a significant heat loss, resulting in hundreds or thousands of BTU's lost per linear foot of pipe, per uninsulated component, per hour and likely in excess of 5040 hours per seven month production season.

This heat loss contributes to an unnecessary and expensive demand for fuel used to heat hot oil and asphalt piping, tanks and equipment. Additionally, it can easily waste hundreds of dollars per day due to increased fuel consumption. We recommend that you insulate to save energy and save money! One of the 10 tips to increase asphalt plant efficiency is insulating your plant and equipment.

Installation of Insulation Blankets

By installing removable insulation blankets, fiberglass pipe insulation, tank insulation or other mechanical insulation products a payback period in fuel savings of less than one year is common. Many insulation blankets and other insulation products can be readily installed with asphalt plant personnel. ERS Insulation has pipe insulation contractors who install our products throughout the East Coast and Midwest. Call us at 855-867-8200 to get a quote.

To ensure the most effective insulation performance, it is important to choose blankets that are properly sized for the equipment and have a snug fit with no gaps or voids. The ERS Insulation team can assist in choosing the right size to meet your insulation needs. Contact us, and we’ll advise on your best choice.

The thickness of the blankets should also be considered, as thicker blankets will provide better insulation but may be more difficult to install and remove. In addition, the material should be suitable for the temperature range of the application and the environmental conditions in which the blankets will be used, such as the presence of moisture.

You will need some tools to do installation: Cable tie tensioners, cable ties, staple gun, staples, and silicone caulk.

Benefits of Removable Insulation Blankets

  • Significant long-term fuel savings

  • Payback period generally less than one year/ excellent ROI

  • Reduced workload on pumps and heating equipment

  • Hotter oil, hotter asphalt

  • Reduced carbon emissions

  • Reduced consumption of natural gas, fuel oil, propane or other fuels

  • Reduced need for propane torches

  • Improved valve operation

  • Improved process control, improved distribution of heating

  • Improved personnel protection from hot surfaces

By using removable insulation blankets, hot mix asphalt plants can save energy, improve the work environment, and extend the lifespan of their equipment. These blankets are a cost-effective solution for maintaining consistent temperatures and protecting equipment from heat damage. Contact ERS Insulation or Request a Quote to get started.

About ERS Insulation

Energy Reduction Solutions is a family owned business located in Avon Lake, Ohio. We've been saving our customers money since 2010. We fabricate ERS Wrap™ industrial insulation, and we have a team of skilled pipe insulation contractors. Our seamstresses consistently produce high quality insulation blankets. Our installers’ work rivals art!

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