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Energy Reduction Solutions Online Shop is Now Open - Check It Out

With a legacy of fostering energy efficiency since 2010, all of us at ERS proudly announce the launch of its online store. This launch is a significant milestone in our enduring endeavor to provide accessible energy reduction solutions.

We have designed a digital store that reflects the ethos of ERS—Energy Reduction Solutions. Explore our store by clicking the “Shop” button on the top navigation bar.

We provide reliable and reasonably priced products that significantly curtail your energy expenditures, and in turn, contribute towards a greener tomorrow. The digital shelves of the ERS online store are equipped with our signature ERS Wrap™ alongside other insulation products fabricated to meet diverse industrial insulation needs.

Whether you seek our signature product with our ERS Wrap™ or fiberglass pipe insulation, ERS has you covered.

Explore our online store, and take a step closer to achieving remarkable energy savings for your facility and business. Our team is always here to help. Contact us to discuss what materials you need and get a quote.

Range of Products Available at ERS Insulation Store

At ERS, we pride ourselves on offering a carefully curated range of insulation solutions designed to meet a diverse array of industrial requirements. Our online store makes it seamless for customers to identify and procure what they need to enhance their energy conservation efforts.

Here’s a glimpse into what you can find on our online shop.

ERS Wrap™ - Insulation Roll with Velcro

ERS Wrap™ is the signature product offered by ERS Insulation. It is a versatile sewn industrial insulation blanket engineered to envelop a myriad of hot mechanical components, withstanding temperatures up to approximately 500°. The ERS Wrap™ is capable of substantially lowering surface temperatures, providing a safe place for personnel while concurrently leading to notable cost savings.

ERS Wrap™ is crafted for endurance and effectiveness. It is sewn using a flexible silicone-impregnated fiberglass cloth. This material showcases exemplary resistance to high heat and adverse weather conditions, making ERS Wrap™ a steadfast companion to your industrial equipment. ERS Wrap™ is lined with fiberglass needled tempmat that further enhances its insulation prowess.

The applications of ERS Wrap™ extend to its adaptability, ready to encase an extensive range of mechanical products including, but not limited to, Pipes, Pumps, Valves, Flanges, Elbows, Strainers, Hoses, Manway Covers, Basket Strainers, End Caps, and Irregular items.

ERS Wrap Insulation Roll with Velcro comes in a roll 24 feet in length, outfitted with Velcro to facilitate a breezy installation process. By merely wrapping and securing, installation is a cinch, making it a go-to insulation solution for myriad projects. ERS Wrap™ is available in multiple IPS sizes thereby catering to a wide spectrum of insulation needs.

If your project demands a custom insulation solution, please contact us with your specific requirements.

ERS Wrap™ - Valve Covers

The ERS Wrap™ Valve Cover is a quintessential component of our signature product line, engineered to provide superior insulation for valve systems in industrial settings. This product significantly mitigates surface temperatures to ensure a safer work environment and contributes to substantial energy cost savings.

Constructed with durable silicone-impregnated fiberglass cloth, the ERS Wrap Valve Cover stands resilient to high heat and adverse weather conditions. Its inner lining of fiberglass needled tempmat enhances its insulation capacity, making it a reliable choice for enduring industrial demands.

Our ERS Wrap™ Valve Cover can adapt to various valve configurations. It is available in three sizes to accommodate different Iron Pipe Sizes (IPS):

  • Small Valve Cover (13” W by 25” L): Suitable for IPS ranging from 1/4 - 2 inches.

  • Medium Valve Cover (13” W by 30” L): Designed for IPS dimensions 2 1/2 - 3 inches.

  • Large Valve Cover (16” W by 35” L): Appropriate for IPS between 3 1/2 - 5 inches.

These dimensions ensure a snug fit that provides optimal insulation while maintaining accessibility for operational requirements.

ERS WRAP™ - Continuous Rolls

The ERS Wrap™ Continuous Roll offers a proficient insulation solution for various hot mechanical components. This 24-foot-long continuous roll of insulation caters to the unique insulation needs of loading and distribution pumps. Moreover, it proves to be a valuable asset for insulating small sections of pipe where clearance poses a challenge.

Constructed with flexible silicone impregnated fiberglass cloth, the ERS Wrap Continuous Roll demonstrates remarkable resistance to high temperatures, up to approximately 500°, and adverse weather conditions.

The ERS Wrap™ Continuous Roll comes in a variety of Iron Pipe Size (IPS) options to ensure a precise fit for your project. The available IPS sizes are 2 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches, and 5 inches, allowing for a tailored insulation solution.

ERS Wrap™ - Flange Covers

The ERS Wrap Flange Cover encapsulates the essence of effective insulation. It effortlessly adapts to the designated flange dimensions to offer substantial cost savings and enhanced personnel safety by significantly lowering surface temperatures.

Our Flange Cover caters to a diverse range of flange dimensions and is available in three distinct sizes based on Iron Pipe Size (IPS):

  • Small Flange Cover (6” W by 25” L): Suitable for IPS ranging from 1/4 - 2 inches.

  • Medium Flange Cover (6” W by 30” L): Designed for IPS dimensions 2 1/2 - 3 inches.

  • Large Flange Cover (6” W by 35” L): Appropriate for IPS between 3 1/2 - 5 inches.

Fiberglass Pipe Insulation - 3 ft Length

The Fiberglass Pipe Insulation offered in 3-foot lengths by ERS Insulation is a superior insulation solution engineered for different piping systems. With a service temperature of 850° F, this pre-formed insulation is ideal for standard iron pipe, plastic pipe, and copper tubing applications, ensuring a high level of thermal efficiency across a range of operating conditions.

This insulation material abides by all industry performance standards, assuring mechanical engineers, contractors, and building owners of its ability to deliver expected performance throughout the mechanical system's lifespan. With a thermal conductivity (k) of 0.23 at 75° F (24° C), its thermal performance is noteworthy. Additionally, its 27% post-consumer recycled content and Greenguard Gold certification underscore its eco-friendly aspect.

Offered in 3-foot lengths, customers have the liberty to choose the iron pipe size and thickness suitable for their specific insulation needs. A single quantity order will fetch you a 3-foot section of this high-performance insulation. There are many different combinations in sizes to choose from. Iron Pipe Size ranges from ½” to 8” and Thickness size ranges from ½” to 3”. Measure your pipes and make your selection or call ERS at 855-867-8200 if you need assistance.

Why Shop With Us?

ERS Insulation store provides a convenient shopping experience and access to premium insulation solutions. Our online store, designed for effortless navigation, enables you to explore and procure our insulation products and have them shipped directly to you.

Quality is the cornerstone of ERS Insulation products which are crafted to meet stringent industry standards and deliver reliable insulation solutions that stand the test of time. The material resilience and design ingenuity encapsulated in each product resonate with our commitment to providing effective energy-saving solutions.

Customer support and guidance form an integral part of the shopping experience at ERS Insulation. Our experts can assist with product selection, provide insights on installation, and address any inquiries you may have. Whether you require a custom insulation solution or need clarity on product specifications, contact us at 855-867-8200 and our expert team can answer your questions and make recommendations for your project.

Browse Our Products and Shop Now

Browse our online shop to find the precise insulation solutions suited to your industrial needs. Our products are engineered for reliability and efficiency. Samples are available by request. Reach out to discuss further at 855-867-8200. We are happy to send you samples to ensure the product meets your expectations.

More products will be added to the ERS Shop as we roll out more options for your projects.

For any queries, our customer support team is here to assist. Shop now and experience the quality and reliability of ERS Insulation products. Thank you for your consideration!

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